Acting Out New York in residency at Cherry

Movie Camp, the main feature at Acting Out is in residency at the Cherry Artspace for Summer 2018. Over the course of an alotted week, campers work together as a team to create a short film whose plot themes mirror issues that are important to kids today. As the actors tackle scene work, character study, and line memorization, they also expand their emotional vocabularies, deepen their abilities to empathize and learn to communicate more clearly. The week’s work culminates in a special red carpet PREMIERE celebration as we gather friends and family to watch our week’s creation on the big screen. Everyone gets an online link of the movie as a souvenir of the camp’s accomplishments, as well as an award illustrating their personal strengths. Campers leave Movie Camp with a profound sense of accomplishment, a boost in confidence and tons of goofy memories with new friends.

Acting Out is a safe, creative space for kids of all ages to explore the art of acting on camera. Through scene and character study, improv and play, students evolve their emotional vocabularies, learn empathy and develop a project-based sense of teamwork, all while demystifying “Hollywood” and the marketing media they are bombarded with daily.

Owner/Director, Darcy Rose brings 12 years of professional acting experience in film, television and commercials to her programs at Acting Out. In a day and age when everyone has access to a camcorder and an imagination, the mission of Acting Out is to equip children with the capacity to create their own projects, explore their own stories and make fabulous memories with friends while doing so.


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