About Our Education Programs

Our mission is to provide thoughtful, dynamic, and diverse art education for all members of our community. Through accessible educational programming, we aim to spark discussion, prompt action, teach artistic skills, encourage the development of sustainable artistic practices, and inspire curiosity, passion, and determination. Our approach to this takes several forms: 

  1. MENTORING THE NEXT GENERATION: Our college work-study programs and internships provide mentoring opportunities for the next generation of arts managers, educators, and practitioners. These flexible work-study positions provide hands-on experience working in the arts from a wide variety of angles.

2. SHOWS FOR YOUNG AUDIENCES: The Cherry regularly hosts local and visiting artists, collaborating with them to host a diverse array of theatre and artistic programming. Some performances and events specifically cater to younger audiences, and in most cases, group tickets can be arranged for school groups. 

3. TALKBACKS AND PRODUCTION ADD-ONS: Theatre performances and interdisciplinary events produced and curated by The Cherry Arts regularly include talkbacks and other carefully curated educational materials that supplement and frame what audiences experience in performance. See what’s on for more information about specific events related to our current season.

4. CLASSES, CAMPS, AND WORKSHOPS: We offer art classes, multi-arts and performance camps during school breaks, and other one-off workshop opportunities for children and adults in our Cherry Gallery and Camilla Studio. Please see our Current classes and workshops for what’s on now, or visit our camps page for more information on school break programming.

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