12/15/21 – AMERICAN THEATRE – “If You Live Stream It, Will They Watch?” – Review of And What Happens If I Dont

12/08/21 – THIS WEEK IN NEW YORK – “And What Happen If I Don’t” – Review of And What Happens If I Dont

12/05/21 – THINKING THEATER NYC – You Should See “And What Happens If I Don’t” No Matter What Your Mother Says – Review of And What Happens If I Dont

11/03/21 – ITHACA TIMES – “Cherry Street: The Transformation Of A Neighborhood” – story about The Arthaus, Cherry Gallery and Cherry Studio



11/13/18 – THE ITHACAN – “Cherry Artspace Pays Homage To Vaudeville Performances” – preview of La Cerise Noire and interview with the artists

10/18/18 – ITHACA TIMES – “Adapting Conditions – Uncommon Installation Art Featured at The Cherry” – review of Adapting Conditions

10/5/18 – BROADWAY WORLD – “The Performative Self and The Cherry Arts Present Screening of Leeny Sack’s The Survivor and The Translator” – preview of The Survivor And The Translator

9/26/18 – ITHACA TIMES – “Questioning Reality – George Kaplan Captures the Evolution of Revolution” – review of George Kaplan

9/19/18- WSKG – “The Cherry Arts Presents a Play that is Both A Thriller And A Comedy” (listen!) – interview with Sam Buggeln about George Kaplan

9/19/18- ITHACA JOURNAL – “George Kaplan continues Cherry Arts season in Ithaca – preview of George Kaplan

9/12/18 – ITHACA TIMES – “Cherry Arts Walking Play” – review of The Missing Chapter

8/30/18 – WSKG – “Opera Ithaca Performs at The Cherry” – interview with conductor Keith Chambers about Opera Ithaca’s presentation of Ambrose Thomas’ adaptation of Hamlet

8/21/18 – CORNELL ARTS & SCIENCES – “New Immersive Headphone Play Premieres This Month” – preview of The Missing Chapter

8/20/18 – ITHACA TIMES – “Ithaca’s Cinematic Past: Ithaca Spots That Were Seen, Not Heard” – story about Wharton Studio history and preview of The Missing Chapter

8/13/18 – TOMPKINS WEEKLY – “Upcoming Season at The Cherry Mixes New with Tried and True” – preview of 2018-19 Season

7/11/18 – CATSKILL MOUNTAIN NEWS –  “Franklin Stage Company’s Bitter Banquet” – review of The Cherry’s production of Bitter Banquet at Franklin Stage Company

7/3/18 – BINGHAMTON NEW YORK NEWS – “Bitter Banquet Launches Franklin Stage Company Season” – review of The Cherry’s production of Bitter Banquet at Franklin Stage Company

6/16/18 – BROADWAY WORLD – “Cherry Hires New General Manager Laura Miller” – announcement of first full-time company hire

5/11/18 – ITHACA TIMES – “Drama Across Borders Takes Ithaca” – preview of Drama Across Borders Theatre Conference

4/18/18 – ITHACA TIMES – “From Land To Land” – preview of art installation by Dehanza Rogers

4/8/18 – CORNELL CHRONICLE – “Nobel Laureate’s Autobiographical Play to be Presented in Ithaca” – preview of Something That Belongs To You by Holocaust Survivor Roald Hoffmann

3/29/18 – WSKG RADIO – “The Cherry Arts presents House Of Usher” (listen!) – interview with House Of Usher creator Anna Coogan

3/28/18 – ITHACA TIMES – “Poe-tent Theatre at The Cherry” – interview with House Of Usher creator Anna Coogan

3/27/18 – WHCU RADIO – Morning Newswatch with Lee Rayburn – “Anna Coogan & the House Of Usher” (listen!) – interview with Anna Coogan on House Of Usher

3/27/18 – ITHACA JOURNAL – “Anna Coogan & TZAR Reprise House Of Usher at the Cherry Artspace” – preview of House Of Usher and interview with the creators

3/4/18 – CORNELL DAILY SUN – “What’s Your Rule Of Thumb? World Premiere of Thematically Rich Play” – review of Rule Of Thumb

2/28/18 – ITHACA TIMES – “Rule Of Thumb Captures Challenges and Culture Brilliantly – review of Rule Of Thumb

2/21/18 – ITHACA TIMES – “Hitching A Ride – Serbian Play has its World Premiere at The Cherry – preview of Rule Of Thumb

3/27/18 – WHCU RADIO – Morning Newswatch with Lee Rayburn – “Swedish Hitchhikers at the Cherry Arts” (listen!) – interview with Helen T. Clark and Darcy Rose of Rule Of Thumb

2/13/18 – CORNELL CHRONICLE – “PMA Professor Directs International Production at The Cherry – interview with Rule Of Thumb director Beth F. Milles

2/13/18 – ITHACA JOURNAL – “Rule Of Thumb has World Premiere at Cherry Arts in Ithaca” – preview of Rule Of Thumb


12/6/17 – ITHACA TIMES – “The Snow Queen 2.0” – Preview of The Snow Queen

12/5/17 – ITHACA JOURNAL – “Cherry Arts Stages ‘Snow Queen’ in New Artspace” – preview of The Snow Queen

9/20/17 –WHCU RADIO – Morning Newswatch with Lee Rayburn – “What Happens Next at The Cherry Arts” (listen!) – interview with Erica Steinhagen & Sam Buggeln about What Happens Next

9/15/17 – ITHACA TIMES – “Curtains Rise on The Cherry, a unique addition to Ithaca’s theatre scene” – preview of the Cherry Artspace and What Happens Next

9/13/17 – ITHACA JOURNAL – “Cherry Arts Christens New Space with What Happens Next” – preview of Artspace Grand Opening and What Happens Next

9/11/17 – TOMPKINS WEEKLY – “The Cherry Artspace: Tompkins County’s Newest Performance Venue Ready for its Closeup” – preview of Artspace Grand Opening and What Happens Next

8/31/17 – ITHACA TIMES – “Storm Country Masterfully Reinvents Theatre” – review of Storm Country

8/24/17 –WSKG RADIO – Classical with Bill Snyder – “Storm Country is a New Kind of Theatre Experience” (listen!) – interview with Sam Buggeln about Storm Country


8/23/17 –WHCU RADIO – Lee Rayburn’s Morning Newswatch – “Step Into Storm Country with the Cherry Arts” (listen!) – interview with Sam Buggeln about Storm Country

8/23/17 – ITHACA VOICE – “Cherry Artspace Getting Ready for Grand Opening” – preview of the Cherry’s 2017-18 grand opening season in the new Cherry Artspace venue, and What Happens Next

7/13/17 – ITHACA TIMES – “The Cherry Artspace Intermingles Art Forms” – preview of the new Cherry Artspace and Summer 2017 programming

5/7/17 – TOMPKINS WEEKLY – “Cherry Arts’ STORM COUNTRY Offers West-End Fiction” – review of Storm Country

5/3/17 – ITHACA TIMES – “Argentine Playwright is Bold and Real in Two One-Acts” – review of Loza Plays

4/25/17 – BROADWAY WORLD – “Celebrated Arts Orgs to Collaborate on FOUR PLAYS – 100 YEARS: A Celebration of Women’s Suffrage” – preview of 4 Plays – 100 Years

4/18/17 – ITHACA JOURNAL – “Cherry Arts Stages Two Santiago Loza Plays at CSMA”  – interview with Sam Buggeln on Loza Plays

4/18/17 – ITHACA VOICE – “Cherry Introduces Argentine Writer to Ithaca Audiences in Loza Plays” – preview of Loza Plays

4/14/17 – LANSING STAR – “Loza Plays Staged By Cherry Arts” – preview of Loza Plays

1/20/17 – ITHACA TIMES – “Looking Back on 2016: The Year’s Best in Local Theatre”

1/20/17 – ITHACATING IN CORNELL HEIGHTS – “The Cherry Artspace Construction Update” – blog


12/23/16 – ITHACA TIMES – “The Snow Queen dazzles at the Kitchen Theatre” – review of The Snow Queen

12/14/16 – ITHACA TIMES – “Trip Out with The Cherry’s The Snow Queen” – preview of The Snow Queen

12/13/16 – ITHACA JOURNAL – “Frozen Majesty: Cherry Arts stages Snow Queen at The Kitchen” – preview of The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen Cherry Arts Ithaca Journal

12/9/16 – CORNELL CHRONICLE – “New Theatre with Cornell Connections Rises on the Inlet – Interview with Nick Salvato about The Snow Queen

12/8/16 – WHCU RADIO – Lee Rayburn’s Morning Newswatch – “Meet The Snow Queen” (listen!) – Interview with Erica Steinhagen about The Snow Queen

12/4/16 – WICB RADIO – “Best Of Broadway” (listen!) – Interview with Robin Mazer and Sydney Hill about The Snow Queen

11/28/2016 – “ITHACATING IN CORNELL HEIGHTS – “The Cherry Artspace Construction Update” – blog

11/1/16 – COMMUNITY ARTS PARTNERSHIP NEWS – “The Cherry and Sam Get Grants!” – Interview with Sam Buggeln

9/16/16 – WHCU RADIO – Lee Rayburn’s Morning Newswatch – “The Cherry’s Storm Country” (listen!) – Interview with Sam Buggeln about Storm Country

9/13/16 – WRFI RADIO – “Speaking About Storm Country, a Headphone Play” (listen!) – Interview with Sam Buggeln and preview of Storm Country

9/13/16 – ITHACA JOURNAL – “Headphone Play Leads Listeners on Audio Adventure” – Review of Storm Country

9/9/16 – ITHACA JOURNAL – “Photo Gallery: ‘Storm Country’ Headphone Play Leads Listeners on Adventure” – Photo Gallery of the Storm Country experience

Storm Country, Cherry Arts, Ithaca Journal cover

9/9/16 – LANSING STAR – “Innovative Ithaca-based Audio Walking Play” – Press Release

9/8/16 – ITHACA TIMES – “Immersion with Headphones: The Cherry’s Second Season Starts with Unique Play” – Review of Storm Country

9/7/16 – ITHACA TIMES – “Theatre Without Walls: Cherry Arts Makes the World your Very Own Space” – Interview with Sam Buggeln and preview of Storm Country

9/6/16 – CORNELL CHRONICLE – “Novel, Local History Inspires Faculty-Written Headphone Play” – Interview with Nick Salvato & Aoise Stratford about Storm Country

9/2/16 – ONSTAGE/OFFSTAGE PODCAST – “Samuel Buggeln: Artistic Director, Producer” (listen!) – Interview with Sam Buggeln about Storm Country

8/24/16 – ITHACA TIMES – “Silence and the Stars: A Classic Tale with Roots in Ithaca – article about Tess of the Storm Country outdoor screening with the Wharton Studio Museum, and The Cherry’s preview of Storm Country

8/16/16 – ITHACA VOICE – “The Cherry Arts Brings Season of English Language- and World Premier Plays to Ithaca” – Press Release

8/1/16 – ITHACA VOICE – “The Cherry Arts Aims to bring Innovative Art and Theatre to Ithaca’s New Waterfront” – Profile of The Cherry, preview of the Artspace and 2016-17 season

6/1/16 – ITHACA TIMES – “Theatre at the Festival” – Preview of White Rabbit Red Rabbit at Ithaca Festival

4/29/16 – CULTURE BOT – “Do You Wish To Amaze Your Wife This Night?” – Review of SPAM

4/26/16 – NEW YORK THEATRE REVIEW – “Eric Marlin on Cherry Arts’ SPAM at JACK”– Review of SPAM

4/24/16 – CULTURE CATCH – “You’ve Got Spam!”– Review of SPAM

4/20/16 – THE VILLAGE VOICE – “SPAM Makes It Past Our Filter”– Review of SPAM

Spam Cherry Arts Village Voice

4/19/16 – EXEUNT MAGAZINE – “Rafael Spregelburd Opens Pandora’s Box“- Review of SPAM

4/18/16 – HUFFINGTON POST – “Move To Inbox: Rafael Spregelburd’s SPAM” – Review of SPAM

3/17/16 – AXS.COM – “JACK presents SPAM” – Interview w/ Sam Buggeln & Preview of SPAM

3/1/16 – QCOUNTRY – “Cherry Artspace to open on Ithaca’s West End” – Interview w/ Sam Buggeln

2/10/16 – THE ITHACAN – “IC Professor Supports Local Artists” – Interview w/ Jennifer Herzog

2/1/16 – ITHACA VOICE – “New Performing Arts Space Planned for City’s West Side”  – Interview w/ Sam Buggeln

1/22/16 – LANSING STAR – “Herzog Appointed Cherry Arts Associate Artistic Director” – Press Release


12/9/15 – THE ITHACAN – “Grab The Play By The Ears” – Review of White Rabbit Red Rabbit

12/7/15 – ITHACA JOURNAL – “Cherry’s Rabbit Runs Through Surreal Turns” – Review of White Rabbit Red Rabbit

12/2/15 – ITHACA JOURNAL – “Cherry Arts to present White Rabbit Red Rabbit” – Preview of White Rabbit Red Rabbit

9/16/15 – ITHACA TIMES – “Come Cherry Timedive With Me: Radically Local Theatre” – Interview w/ Sam Buggeln

9/14/15 – TOMPKINS WEEKLY – “The Cherry Artspace: Radically Local” – Profile of The Cherry 

9/1/15 – BROADWAY WORLD – “The Cherry Arts’ Timedive Begins This Month” – Preview of A Cherry Timedive

Cherry Arts Broadway World Timedive

8/28/15 – ITHACA JOURNAL – “New Ithaca Theatre Looks Inward for Inspiration” – Interview w/ Sam Buggeln

8/25/15 – ITHACA VOICE – “Multidisciplinary Artspace planned for Cherry Street in Ithaca” – Profile of The Cherry