In Collaboration with Ithaca Fantastik

October 31st, 2018

Doors open at 7:00PM — Show starts at 7:30PM

William Castle / 1959 / USA / 82 min

When a pathologist (Vincent Price) discovers a creature that feeds and grows on fear, he quickly realizes the key to its defeat. He captures it to test his hypothesis. As the creature evolves and atrocity levels rise, the Doctor’s theories distill into one single urgent lesson: ‘please, do not panic, but scream!…Scream for your lives.”

This film’s just-wacky-enough execution of excruciatingly frightening ideas may just keep its viewers from requiring intensive therapy.

Released the very same year as House on Haunted Hill, THE TINGLER reprises and intensifies the same camp horror theatrically and B-movie zeal from William Castle’s wild imagination. The delicate dissonance between Castle’s gimmicks and Vincent Price’s outstanding performance is perfectly showcased in this triumphant return of the pioneering duo.

Enjoy this one-time-only interactive event, in partnership with our friends at The Cherry Arts—true to William Castle’s innovative vision of an immersive 4-dimensional theatrical experience. Filmed in “Percepto!”