When you donate $75 or more, you  become a Member of the Cherry Arts and receive exclusive benefits while supporting our blossoming, innovative performing arts company. Cherry members are truly our family and receive a variety of fabulous perks including:

  • Exclusive events with artists
  • A free beverage at our concession stand for every Cherry Collective production. 
  • Reserved seats for our General Admission Collective shows
  • Free ticket exchanges

Plus, our members can expect some super special members-only Cherry surprises throughout the season!

You will also receive a very special newsletter for each show filled with behind the scenes pictures, interviews, and more!

Finally, all members will be listed in Cherry Arts production programs for a full season.

Become a part of the Cherry Arts family and sign up for your membership today!

Donations can be sent securely below with a credit/debit card
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The Cherry Arts, Inc.
130 Cherry Street
Ithaca, NY 14850

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Memberships are non-transferable and valid for one year from date of donation.)

We thank you from the bottom of our hears for your generous support, and look forward to including you in this very exciting 2023-24 season!

Cherry Blossoms ($75+)
 Patrizia Acerra 
Judith and Robert Andrew
Stewart Auyash
Dr. Lisa Bloom
 Jeremy Braddock and Rayna Kalas
 Brett Bossard & Kerry Barnes
Eric Brooks
Marvin and Pat Carlson
Alan Cohen
 Alexandra and Eric Dufresne
Randy Ehrenberg
Zillah Eisenstein
 Laura and Alan Falk
Bruce Fearon
David Guaspari
Loretta Heimbuch
Kathryn Henion
Joan Johnston
Karen LaFace and Andrew Getzin
Rebecca Lesses
Mara Neimanis
 Dianne and Jim Orcutt
Kim Overby
Judith Pratt
Alan Rose
Gail Steinhart
 Satre and Elizabeth Stuelke
 Jens Wennberg & Nancy Miller
Joel and Cathy Zumoff

Cherry Tarts ($150+)
 Pamela Bleiwas & Jeffrey Silber
Debra Castillo
Jessica Casey
Sara & Simon Catterall
 Itai Cohen
Barry Chester & Elissa Cogan
Nancy Emerson & Roy Luft
Debra Fried
Martha Frommelt & David Feldshuh
Kitty Gifford & Mark Sarvary
Gautam Hans
Alex Irwin
Francine Jasper
 Rachel Lampert & David Squires
Deborah Lynn
David Kramer
Judith Peraino
Linda and Stephen Pope
 Lesley Williamson & David Coester
 Amy and Steve Yale-Loehr

Cherry Pies ($300+)
Penelope Chick
Ann and Daniel Gold

Cherry Trees ($500+)
Jim Bouderau
 Shelley & Ron Cooper
Sally McConnell-Ginet & Carl Ginet
Kent Goetz
Bruce and Heather Lane
Chad Wheeless

Cherry Royales ($1000+)
Richard Buggeln
Nancy and Joel Malina
Alice Saltonstall
Diana Riesman
Stacia Zabusky & Donald Spector
David Miller & Christine Schelhas-Miller