bringing to life hans christian andersen’s THE SNOW QUEEN


DATE: November 11, 2016


The Snow QueenPictured: Erica Steinhagen & Robin Mazer                   


Starring: Jordan Dunn-Pilz, Jeffrey Guyton*, Caroline Maloney, Robin Mazer, Darcy Rose, Camilla Schade, Josh Sedelmeyer, Erica Steinhagen*   (*member, AEA)

This holiday season,  The Cherry Arts is bringing yet another innovative theater experience to Central New York with The Snow Queen. Featuring live actors mixed with original puppetry, projections, and music, this brand-new version of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic tale (which inspired Disney’s Frozen) will enchant adults and thrill mature young audiences for five performances only, at the Kitchen Theatre in Ithaca, NY, December 16-18, 2016.

When little Kai falls into the hands of the Snow Queen and is whisked away from his former life, his best friend Greta begins a fantastical journey to find him, encountering ravens, snowdrops, sages, thieves, and many other eccentric characters along the way. This classic story of friendship and tenacity has been in development for over nine months, resulting in an innovative adaptation like none before, featuring original puppets by Scott Hitz of PuppHitz Productions, original music by Paul Leschen, and original lyrics by Cornell University professor Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon.

Artistic director, adaptor and director Samuel Buggeln states:  “What we are trying to do with this version is to capture the real magic of the original. Andersen’s tale is something like Alice in Wonderland, full of weird and wonderful imagery that doesn’t necessarily add up to a conventional narrative. For The Cherry’s Snow Queen we weave Andersen’s outlandish material into a story that is magical and engaging for both adults and children, without losing the delicious disorientation of the original.”

Original puppets by Scott Hitz take center stage in this production, inviting audiences on an enhanced journey into the world of The Snow Queen. “The story begins in a child’s world: a world without consequence”, says Hitz. “Once we enter the Snow Queen’s world we find that it is made up of paper and shadow. Paper representing the written word of Mr. Andersen’s original work, and shadow representing the mystery and chaos of the world of magic and fairy tales.”

With The Snow Queen, The Cherry is creating a constantly living and evolving holiday piece to present to our community on an annual basis. “Every year we’ll innovate a little bit more, and make it a little more special and a little more unusual. Something to come back to every holiday season,” said Buggeln.

The creative team for The Snow Queen includes Lisa Boquist (costume coordinator), Emily Goldman, (music director), E.D. Intemann (lighting design), Norm Scott (sound design), and Rachel Terwilliger (illustrations).

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The Snow Queen
Erica Steinhagen plays The Snow Queen



Radically local, radically international, formally innovative theatre.