STORM COUNTRY: immersive audio theatre


Thank you to the hundreds of folks who attended The Cherry’s premiere walking headphone theatre experience  – Storm Country  –  September 9-18, 2016!

Storm Country embraced both The Cherry’s “radically local” and “formally innovative” mandates. Inspired by the Ithaca-based 1909 novel (and subsequent silent films) Tess Of The Storm Country, Ithaca writers Nick Salvato and Aoise Stratford crafted a “headphone play” that immersed audiences in a soundscape of voices, music, and environments as they crisscrossed Ithaca’s storied West End. Engaging a newly emerging theatrical form, Storm Country guided each listener on an individual journey that layered true & fictional tales onto the buildings and places we see every day, revealing secrets just beneath the surface. Audiences will never look at the streets of Ithaca in quite the same way again.

Missed Storm Country the first time? Keep your eye out… We might have to bring it back someday by popular demand!

Tess of the Storm Country


Radically local, radically international, formally innovative theatre.