A Euripidean Song Cycle by Annie Lewandowski

September 29 & 30 2017 at the Cherry Artspace

BITTER BANQUET threads together iconic moments in the lives of characters from Euripides’ tragedies in a meditation on grief, exploring themes of how women in particular suffer in war and under patriarchy.

From the ITHACA JOURNAL: Bitter Banquet Staged at Cherry Artspace

Composer/performer Annie Lewandowski (vocals/electronics) drew on her musical backgrounds in improvisation and song while developing Bitter Banquet, drawing inspiration from the translations of Euripides by Anne Carson. The performances at The Cherry Artspace featured David Yearsley on baroque keyboards and percussionist Sarah Hennies. A post-performance discussion followed Friday’s performance facilitated by Professor of Classics and Art History Verity Platt (Cornell) with Nancy Worman (Barnard) and Sara Warner (Cornell).

Trailer for the original showing of Bitter Banquet at Cornell University