meet the intern – maya jones

Maya Jones

Interdepartmental Intern

Education: Ithaca College BFA Acting Major

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Favorite aspect of theatre to work on: Acting and Directing.  I really enjoy helping other people share their stories. So, whether it be creating compelling stage pictures to convey their message

Theatre artist inspiration: Amber Riley, Kerry Washington, Viola Davis, Kayla Meikle. People who look like me that are creating spaces for me to walk into.

Project most proud of: Skeleton Crew by Dominique Morisseau. This show was one of the most challenging shows I’ve worked on in terms of engagement to the text and commitment to the environment. It felt like real people occupying space. As an actress, that is one thing I really strive for.

Dream Job: Food Network TV Personality


Radically local, radically international, formally innovative theatre.