National Theatre in London to present Cherry plays

Magda, Jo, Isabella selected for the National Theatre’s Courage Everywhere series; Rehearsed readings celebrating the fight for political equality

To acknowledge the 100th anniversary of (some) women in the UK gaining the right to vote, the National Theatre created Courage Everywhere, marking this historic moment through a series of rehearsed readings, talks and screenings. World-class directors brought these plays to life, focusing on themes of suffrage, courage and the fight for political equality in the UK and around the world.

Among the pieces selected was The Cherry Arts’ Magda, Jo, Isabella, written by Saviana Stanescu, Aoise Stratford and Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon, respectively.

Magda, Jo, Isabella is comprised of three heart-wrenching and relevant new monologues from Ithaca-based writers tackling race, class and belonging in the Suffrage movement. The project premiered in May, 2017 at Four Plays 100 Years – a collaborative event within Ithaca’s professional theatre community commemorating the centennial of Women’s Sufferage, which was supported in part by a grant from Humanities, NY. Proceeds from these ticket sales were donated to Women’s Opportunity Center, Ithaca, NY.

Civic Ensemble‘s In the Parlour by Judy Tate was also selected! In the Parlour depicts the eve of the most historic Women’s Suffrage Marches, when two women divided by race, battle for their right to be united and to fight in this movement.


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